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A health clinic suited to You.

Tailored Physiotherapy and Exercise solutions for your health. 

Welcome to You Physio & Health, where your journey to better health is our passion! Nestled in the heart of Banyo, we offer a unique blend of professional physiotherapy, exercise physiology, and remedial massage therapy, all tailored to your individual needs. Our dynamic team, led by Sonja and Calvin, is dedicated to empowering you with personalized care and expert guidance. At You Physio & Health, we're not just treating symptoms; we're nurturing healthier, happier lives. Step into a world where your well-being is the priority, and let's work together to achieve your health and fitness goals!

Team work and collaboration to get the best results

A team of professionals dedicated to your health and success!

Boost your game, elevate your lifestyle, and conquer injuries with our expert team - where your recovery and performance are our top priorities!

About Us

You Physio & Health is committed to offering a unique space where individuals can receive expert, real-world health advice. Our focus is on managing both acute and chronic injuries, with solutions customized to fit our clients' goals, lifestyles, and personal needs.


Emphasizing hands-on, evidence-based treatments, we consider all aspects of a client's life to ensure positive outcomes. This approach embodies our philosophy of providing physiotherapy that is truly centered around the individual, aiding them in living their best life.

Why You?

At You Physio & Health, we're dedicated to guiding you towards living your best life, filled with passion and activities you enjoy.


We focus on achieving optimal health and longevity, providing a supportive environment where you can progress from zero to 100%. It's more than just healthcare; it's about helping you create a life brimming with energy, fun, vitality and passion! 

Our Services

Discover a new level of health and vitality at You Physio & Health. Our comprehensive services are expertly designed to enhance your longevity, boost your sports performance, and promote overall well-being. From comprehensive Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology to Remedial Massage and our You Move classes, we offer a professional and holistic approach to health. Experience the perfect blend of science-backed techniques and personalized care, and embark on a journey towards optimal health and peak performance with us

Dry needling technique for the legs

Transform your health with You Physio & Health's expert Physiotherapy. Tailored treatments, cutting-edge techniques, and a focus on your unique needs. We're here to guide you to optimal wellness and peak performance. Elevate your health journey with us!

Exercise based rehab

Elevate your fitness with You Physio & Health’s Exercise Physiology. Customized programs, expert guidance, and science-backed strategies tailored to your goals. Achieve peak performance for whatever your life entails with our dedicated team.

Remedial Massage to aid recovery

Revitalize your body with You Physio & Health's Remedial Massage. Expert therapists, personalized techniques, and a focus on deep healing. Experience relief, rejuvenation, and a renewed sense of well-being with our nurturing touch

Running Group

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Kirsten, Bris

"Fabulous hands on physio who establish practical and collaborative plans to achieve fitness/ rehab goals."

Nadja, Bris

I have seen Sonja for various injuries and ailments over the years and cannot recommend her enough. Most recently she has helped my recovery post total hip replacement and has worked wonders for me. The most knowledgeable, professional and empathetic health professional I have ever encountered

James, Bris

I visited this morning with a back injury I recently picked up. Calvin was amazing, I am already feeling a lot better and a lot more confident in a quick return to training.
I could not recommend higher.
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