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Our Story

Calvin & Sonja



We are excited to share with you the story behind You Physio & Health, a dream come to life for us! We envisioned setting up a family run, community driven practice in our local community and we are proud to bring this vision to life here in the little suburb of Banyo!


We're not just professionals in physiotherapy; we're family-oriented individuals, and our journey to create You Physio & Health stemmed from a pivotal moment in our lives where balancing our small families and professional lives became a heartfelt priority. 

Calvin & I have been friends for over a decade and we are beyond excited to bring our combined talents and skills to our new business venture. Our vision extends beyond the traditional scope of physiotherapy. We have crafted a space that is a blend of rehabilitation, fitness, nutrition and inspiration- ultimately nurturing the lifestyle and health of the wider community. 


Our goal is to challenge and support you in creating and maintaining healthy habits that last a lifetime. We want people to feel inspired to make positive hcanges to their health, realise this can be done at any age and understand that our team of qualified professionals will provide the guidance, support and motivation needed to make these changes. 

This clinic is a reflection of our personal values: family, community, and well-being. For us, providing physiotherapy services is more than a profession; it's about building a legacy that mirrors our values and aspirations. A place where you can find motivation and a sense of belonging. We're not just treating bodies; we're nurturing minds and spirits, fostering a sense of community well-being.

Our hope with You Physio & Health is to empower individuals and families, to make long term, sustainable and positive changes to their lifestyles and ultimately their health and that of the younger generations. 

Your Journey to Wellness Starts Here...

Whether you're seeking physical rehabilitation, looking to improve your fitness, or just need a supportive community, You Physio & Health is here for you. Let’s embark on this path to better health and well-being together!

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